Dev Blog #2

Hey, all!


I’m Ruo Yu Chen, our Concept Art Lead. Today I’m here to talk a little bit about Bordrima, a town in Thenodar that we’re currently working on.


Thenodar, as a kingdom and culture, is rather more similar to traditional medieval countries that we’re all familiar with. As such, the direction we’re taking with the designs is go to for a more realistic and practical approach.




Bordrima, being on the outskirts of Thenodar, is a smaller and rather secluded town. We’ve designed the buildings to fit with that theme – houses are sturdy and mostly built from wood, and are simple, unlike the ornate art of the Anointed Kingdoms.




Despite our attention to realism in design, we still want to make the world interesting to look at! At such, we’ve paid attention to verticality and segmentation in architecture – this is perhaps most evident in the Inn concept piece displayed in this post. Perhaps a traditional medieval tavern would have simply been a big blocky structure, but that wouldn’t be as interesting to look at and explore!




In short, we want to make our world interesting, but believable. No insane, gravity-defying towers, but no endless rows of boring wooden shacks, either; we strive to strike a good balance between the two. Hopefully, we’ll put out more of these posts and you can see our design work in (relative) action!