Dev Blog #1

Hello world!,

It’s certainly been a long time since we’ve put out any sort of update, but fear not! As of today, we will be doing a small weekly blog on here (Epoch Games website) just to share what we’ve all been up to. These will be a bit different from our updates on IndieDb, as these will (obviously) be more frequent, and also not particularly themed in terms of their contents. They could include anything: from in-game screenshots, to 3D models and animations, to concept art, to game mechanics, to our own little musings on development … literally anything!

First off, a quick run-down of the current Epoch Games team.

The Epoch Games Team

Team Leaders
Matt “Names_are_useless” (Writing and HR)
Seth Johns (Lore and Writing)
Dan Lenartowicz (Technical mumbo-jumbo)

3D Animation/Rigging
Adam Anderson
Stephen Slack
Xinwei Song

3D Art (Modeling/Texturing)
Florian Brühl
Eric “Firebird”
Kevin Eriksen
JJ Kim
Michele Allori
Sahana Vijai

Benedict Nichols
Philip Zenz
Ben Mason

Concept Art
Ruo Yu Chen
Bard Torkildsen
Chester Carr
Filip Wo
George K
Joan Maldonado
Nick Waldinger
Samantha Holmes

Level Design
Kyle Tuskey

Dennis Soemers
Daniel Maxson
Fabian Sonczeck
Muhammad Surya

Public Relations
Paul Guck

Now, with the entire team being volunteer only at this stage, the active members shift around a fair bit, but we tend to get a reasonably constant rate of progress. We’ll be talking more about the team and its dynamics over the coming weeks and months.

You probably want to see some content now I’m sure, you’ve been derived of any for awhile (sorry!). For a bit of visual interest, here are some WIP (work in progress) pieces we’ve been working on:

-3-Dimensional Rocks, what more could you want?
(Textures are optional DLC)

-Ruins in the lands of Thenodar

-Early face testing
Don’t tell him that his facial hair is all shifted an inch to the right.

Its just a short post today as we’re all currently glued to the E3 coverage, more to come next week.

If you enjoy seeing the progress of the game and the team behind it, we recommend you keep an eye on the Epoch Games homepage, as we will be uploading these Dev Blogs every Monday.

– The Epoch Games Team

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