Before you ask a question or make a suggestion, please search our Forum for anything similar. If you don’t find it, then continue here.

If you would like to contact us, please use any of the following methods:

  • For technical support for any of out products, use or post in our Forum. These queries will not be answered elsewhere.
  • For game suggestions, please see our Forum.
  • For general questions, please use our Forum.
  • You can also contact us through Facebook or Twitter for anything less urgent.

Please refrain from resending emails, we get a lot of questions and so cannot answer everything immediately.


Interested in Joining our Team?

Please see our Careers page.


Outside Third Party Developers

We get a fair number of Third Party Developers and Development Teams offering their services to us (those who want to help with development, but not join our team). Something you need to keep in mind:

Epoch Games is a fully Volunteer Development Team. We are looking to setup Revenue Share for when we do receive revenue, but we are not making any revenue at this time and can’t compensate any paid funding at this time.

If this is not a problem, then please contact with what services you and/or your Development Team can offer and we will get back to you.