Landscape Texture Improvements

Hello there, “Kept you waiting huh?” like a certain stealth game, we were missing for a while. Although we never stopped working, as in this year we gear up get even more done. We apologize for being gone so long, there was just a lot of shuffling and reorganizing behind the scene that needed to be done. One of the projects was an overhaul to the shaders used in the game.


This is just a test map but I got to talk our “Environment Artist” Kevin Eriksen created the shaders he stated “I created the old shader 3 or so years ago, and it just doesn’t live up to modern standards of performance and graphical fidelity. This time around I’ve focused a lot more on the looks and the underlying mechanics, resulting in a far more robust material with more than double the performance gain.

When also asked a simplified explanation he said If we compare the looks of the landscape to a car, the shader would be the parts under the hood making the car run , So old material = ugly old car that runs bad.” Well I guess from the photos our “car” is running like new!

He ended by saying, ”Not only has the terrain shader been completely re-done, but I’ve also redone all the textures – and I’m currently working on new shaders for all foliage and other “natural”assets.”

We wanted to start the year showing you all something great, it just took a little time. Thank you all for being patient with us and see you all here again in two weeks with another update.