Thenodar Lindworm, from Concept to Model

Good Day All, I hoped you enjoyed the week of November 25th, whatever you may have been doing.

That being said we are back with another update to reintroduce to you to our scaly friend the Thenodar Lindworm in 3d!

As a refresher, this is what they looked like in Concept art form by Amanda Starlein

What’s not to love about our two-legged reptilian predators in southern Thenodar?

As our Lindworm was passed from Art department to the 3d Department another set of drafts were done before we get closer to what might be the final in-game model by Enpremi (Adam Dotlačil)

It may have lost its color, but the color comes back in the next work in progress pass also done by Enpremi (Adam Dotlačil)

These are our current models for the Lindworm, you’ll be able to tell the difference in each one by the lengths of their tail, horns, and mane. Males being longer and females being shorter.

We can’t wait to show you all the more, so keep watching out each week!