Dev Blog #7: Photography for Faesholt

Howdy! Dan again. On top of the technical mumbo-jumbo I generally do, my day-job as a photographer/extreme sports bum tends to leak over into Althas. Since I get around a lot I tend to collect a great many “scrap” photos, however, these make perfect reference photos for the artists,...

Dev Blog #6: Animation

Hello there, Dan Lenartowicz here (aka MEB). For those who don’t already know me, I’m the Technical Lead for Epoch Games, which basically means I oversee and fettle everything behind-the-scenes. I also dabble a bit with animation and modelling but we don’t speak about that too often, however today we...

Dev Blog #5: Timed Quests

Hello this is Matt again, Co-leader of Epoch Games. Quests are certainly important in RPGs, and at Epoch Games, we’ve been thinking a lot about them. In The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order, we want the player to have a wide variety of quests. For this post, let’s talk...

Dev Blog #4: Conversation Editor

Hello there! I’m Dennis Soemers, currently the Lead Programmer at Epoch Games. Apart from implementing features for the actual gameplay, we also work on extending the Unreal Editor by adding new, user-friendly tools specifically for our game. Today I’m going to give you a sneak peek at our Conversation...



After a long wait, our latest new post reveals the first batch of in game screenshots, and with them, more information about the world. more

Dev Blog #3 Communication is Key

The key is (undoubtedly) communication. You have people from around the world, all in different Time Zones. There are several useful tools at your disposal: