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Dev Blog #10: To A Happy And Epic New Year In ‘17

Hello Fans, You didn’t think we’d begin the 2017 in a prolonged silence, did you? Because I assure you, we have a lot in store. But first, we want to address the elephant in the room: yes, we’ve been quiet throughout most of summer and fall 2016. While some...


<a href= target=_blank >Faesholt</a>

After a long wait, our latest new post reveals the first batch of in game screenshots, and with them, more information about the world. more

Dev Blog #2

Hey, all!   I’m Ruo Yu Chen, our Concept Art Lead. Today I’m here to talk a little bit about Bordrima, a town in Thenodar that we’re currently working on.   Thenodar, as a kingdom and culture, is rather more similar to traditional medieval countries that we’re all familiar...

The Hawk and the Stone: Chapter 1

<a href= target=_blank >The Hawk and the Stone: Chapter 1</a>

The first chapter of the short story series "The Hawk and the Stone". more