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Althas IndieDB Re-skin

Althas IndieDB Re-skin

Our IndieDB page has finally been given the overhaul that it’s been due for some time. The page now fits in with the rest of Althas’ themes.

Epoch Games Blog

Hello all! We’ve been rather busy over the past few months sorting out our pre-production organisation, and have slowly started to transition into full-blown production. We have also appointed a new PR manager who will be dealing with our new finished blog site, Twitter, Facebook and Moddb, I’m...

A First Look: The Kingdom of Thenodar

An introduction to the kingdom of Thenodar, a burgeoning power in the north.

First Look: Lays of Althas

The first glimpses of The Lays of Althas : Sundered Order has been had over on our ModDB Page Early Cartography of Althas